Tuesday, October 30, 2007

~Queen Mabs~

Happy Halloween! As most of you already know, I live in Ohio~ In a small town that has NO inspiration, creativity, and fun places. That's why I look at shops online... I found this one on a blog... http://www.uncommonephemera.typepad.com The stores name is Queen Mabs... And guess what.. They actually have a website with 6 pages of pictures from their store! I do see a few stores online, like- Melrose Vintage, Tail of the Yak, and Paris to the Moon... All beautiful places to shop but I don't live anywhere near any of these fabulous stores and they don't have sites to look at.... So, I was pleasantly surprised to see Queen Mabs site... You can see a lot more pictures... I have been having HUGE problems loading pics so this is as good as it gets.. But, if you go to the website.. http://www.queenmabs.com you'll get an "eyeful"..... Take care creative spirits!!!!!!!

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