Tuesday, September 30, 2008


A few pictures that make me smile!!!~


I have alittle news alert~Hard times have hit here at the cottage, financially that is.... I never thought this would happen. I won't get into details because I'm sure you all know how this could happen! It's happening all over the country. All I hope is to bounce out of this one day. It's a hard struggle for me right now, BUT not all is at loss here!! My loss could be your gain!!!

I have joined Flea Market Friday!!!!! I will be heading to my treasure filled attic and offering some goodies right here on my blog!

I also will be starting "Thrifting Thursday"~ On Thursdays I will be offering more goodies and the BEST news is: you can join in!!!! In the next week or so I will do a post just on Thrifting Thursday and if you'd like to sell on your blog on Thursdays, just leave me a comment and your link will go up on my side bar and will stay there until you want it off!!!!!

So there it is, I feel I needed to do this!!! I hope all is well in your wonderful wonderlands!!!!!!!

I sure hope to see you on Friday, and don't forget to check back and join in on "Thrifting Thursdays"!!!!!!!

Enjoy your day!~

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Hello, just had to sneak in to tell you that I'm joining this party!!! And I hope you will too!!!!!

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, September 18, 2008



Just dropping by to let you know that I will not be blogging just for alittle while~

I have been extraordinarily busy lately and haven't had time to do a decent post!!

Also, I am going to be visiting a gypsy's cottage for alittle while!!!! I will post pictures!!!!

Take care, see you in about a week or 2!!!!!!~

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Originally uploaded by Art and Ghosts

Hello, just had to share this with you!!!!

So enchanting!!!
Enjoy your day!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Video

Just poppin' by for a quick hello and to tell you that Magnolia Pearl has a new video!

Art for the Heart

Hello! I wanted to share a favorite blog of mine! Whenever I come across a blog I like, I want to share it with you!!!

This is such a sweet lady with alot of talent!

Friday, September 5, 2008


What does home mean? What does it mean to you? Is it a place you come just to sleep and shower? A crash pad if you will... Is it a place that you can hang out at? Or is it a place of refuge? Can you be yourself there? Is it a place full of love and smiles, or work and frowns? Can you create there? Home is so many different things to so many different people. My home is a work in progress, it's not really the way I want it to be. I live with my hubby and 2 children! It's hard to live just "your" way at home when you have others to share it with! Do you live alone? Or is there a bustling family buzzing around you?!! Is your home quiet or loud? Cluttered or Minimal? So many questions about just one little word, HOME!! Home is what you make it! Home can refuel your soul, refresh you spirit! I've found a book that shows so many different homes and lives! It's very interesting!!!

Maybe think about your home, what could you change if you could!!!!!!!!?? Or would it stay just the way it is?

Do you have babies to snuggle with?

Wonderful little children running around you, wanting to create and play with you?

Do you have cozy, pretty rooms?
Treasures surrounding you?
Wholesome, delicous foods?!


Do you spend time outdoors?

Do you ever stop to smell the roses?!!!

Home means so much doesn't it! Hope you enjoy the pictures from this book (below) as much as I did!
Enjoy your day!!!!!~

The Family at home by Anita Kaushal......