Saturday, July 28, 2007


Hello~I just had to share my excitement! I just had my very first Etsy Sale!!!!!~ I'm so happy!! I will see you all in a week~fairy cakes and tea!~

Have a lovely weekend!!!!


Hello~ I took Jo's advice and went for it! I needed a place to do my art and I crammed things into a little space and what did I get?? A huge mess. But, that's my fault. I rushed it! I have some really great stuff, but nobody can tell!!! So, after my soul searching vacation(which starts tomorrow,Sunday)~I'm going to come home and kick all of the negative energy out of my house and just go for it! I want my home to look like a vintage shop~full of eclectic, enchanting, magical and funky stuff! My motto is "more is more"!!!! I love stuff! So, I'm going to go for it! Why waste your life, your days doing nothing, or what everyone around you says is normal? I say "who cares what the neighbors think and LIVE"!!!! I'll be taking pictures as well to see what ya'll think! I will be back in about a week~hopefully with a renewed mind and spirit! Fairy cakes and tea for all (on me) when I get back!!!!!! My fabric umbrella and Mona Lisa beaded curtain!~
Can't tell, but my 10 minute project is on this old table!!

Messy crammed full of great stuff shelves!!!! Although it doesn't look so great right now!!!~
Take care~hope to see you all for fairy cakes and tea when I get back!!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Nicol Sayre

Nicol Sayre @ American Harvest
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I just thought this was simply charming! Usually I don't go for the cutsie cutsie, but this I like!!!! I'm more of a glitter and grunge girl! But, I gotta have flowers!!!!!!! I hope everyone is having a stunning day! I'm going to be going away next week to a beautiful area in Ohio (atleast that's what i'm told)!! I hope to shop til' I drop, but I won't let the hubby know my plans!!!~

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hello, this is a new discovery for me! It's a shop called "Melrose Vintage" in Arizona. It looks amazing! I so wish I had shops like this in Ohio!~ Has anyone ever been there? I think it looks yummy!!!!~
~take care~

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


One thing I've noticed. It is good to be different!~ Artist,writers,poets, etc. they all are different. They think "outside" the box! I love it! I just want to commend anyone who lives life the way they want to. It's hard to do that! It pains me sometimes to think I can't do things differently because of what others may think. So I SALUTE all of you brave thinkers!!!!!!~

Friday, July 20, 2007


I hope everyone has a wonderfully enchanting weekend!!!~


paris to the moon
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Has anyone heard of the shop "Paris to the moon"? I thought I heard about it once. I'm just lovely the images!!! Thank you


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Very Vintage!!!!~

Caught Butterfly

Caught Butterfly
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How Enchanting!!!!!~


Printer Box Storage
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I love this look! I really love the little tags with the glitter around them! I'm so happy to have stumbled upon this angel of a lady!!!!~ More photos from her will be posted! I've just found her!!!!!!!~ You'll be happy you visited her!!!! Take care.


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I love this look! I like places that are so full of stuff! My motto is "more is more"!!!!~ Another very creative lady!

More Found Goodies!~

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Aren't these the cutest things! I love these! Every lovely lady needs one of these! ~pretty~


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And I had to post this picture. I think it's absolutely amazing! So warm and creative. I love the subtle colors! ~Wonderful~ Thank you Jo for sharing all of these lovely things!


over the top.
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Jo actually makes these food covers! I would never want to eat the food. It's to beautiful!!!!!~


home made .
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If you don't know this gal~ hurry on over to her flickr and blog. Very enchanting! Jo is a very beautiful person not to mention extremely creative!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Les Touristes

Les Touristes
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I'm silently screaming! though you'd all like to join me!!!!~ Love, love, love this!!!

Les Touristes

Les Touristes
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Wonderful!!!~ I just love places like this. Eclectic, cozy, and FULL of stuff!!!!!!

Les Touristes

Les Touristes
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If you haven't been to this gals flickr, what are you waiting for!!!! completely BEAUTIFUL pictures!!!~

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


This is a flower that me and my son (age 5) planted just from a seed!!! I love it that it grew so well, but I love it even more because me and my son did it together!!! Who says flowers are just for girls! In person it's actually red!!!!! oh well!~ Have a great day!

My pics!!!!!

Hello~ I'm excited! After 3 days of trying, I got to load some pictures!!! I bought a set of these lamps at my favorite boutique~ DeJa Vu. I loved that the shade looked like a hat! I love old hats!
This is a mirror I altered. This is the top of it! I love flowers, and birds!!! Among a boatload of other things!!!! There's pheasant feathers and an ostrich feather in the back behind the flowers!

And this is what I got after rummaging through my mother's jewelry! The antique jewelry box was mine though!!!!!!

~it's raining~!!!!

I've been trying all day to get up a post here. I'm on my way to get my pics on flickr!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their blogging!!!!~

Take care

Saturday, July 14, 2007



Miracle #2!!!!

Well I've actually been able to post 2 whole pics. ~I'll take it~!!!!!!!!

A box full
of goodies!!!!~ Lovely!

I just really loved this picture. It's on the back of Tracy Porter's Dreams from Home!


Hello~ you have all just witnessed a miracle! It posted. And such a depressing post it is. I thought blogging was supposed to be fun. This has turned into a small nightmare! I see soo many lovely blogs. I just found another one yesterday.
And while I write this I know it's probably not going to post. But, I'm trying. Anyway, lets get off of this depressing annoying subject! The weather has been quite nice here. (OHIO).
I have altered a mirror, but this won't post my pictures right now. I'm about to try. I will get the altered mirror up next week. Well, toodles all~ and please visit that lovely blog above!!!!


hello. I've been trying to post for days. This blogger can't be contacted. It's a miracle if this posts. I may go to a different blogger.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

~Studio Space~

Hello Lovelies~I've been trying to post for 3 days now and I just might have done it!!!! I have been wanting to create a little studio/art space in my cottage BUT I don't really have alot of room! I tried the kitchen but it didn't have that certain spark. No creative juices flowing in there!! And, all of your wonderful blogs have all of your lovely artwork posted and I have none. Well, it's because I don't have a real "space" to do it in. So, when I find the space should I just go for it and do it up OR do alittle at a time and let my artwork and imagination come and go? I have dreams about living in a little cottage filled with whimsy, funkiness, and creativity. And all I have had all summer is the total opposite. I think my home is suffocating me!!!!!! I can't get creative lately at all!!!! Well, when I do find the space I will post before, during, and after photos!!! I would appreciate any suggestions!! I keep asking myself "what are you waiting for?" I just sit here and wait. Wait for what???? I guess I just need some creative encouragement! Well thanks for listening to my babbling!!! Take care. I will see you tomorrow! If this will let me post!!!!!

Saturday, July 7, 2007


I have injured my knee during my Friday workout! I've been trying to get into shape and something went wrong.. Boo Hoo Hoo. I don't like to have things wrong with me! Anyhoo this is a picture of a sunset I took last week! It was so beautiful! And here is another link you might enjoy. I know I enjoy looking at the fashion show pictures. Actually that's all that's really there!
Enjoy your weekend!!!!~

Friday, July 6, 2007

Hello I'm BaCk!!

Well hello. I'm sorry it's takin' so long to post. I take my hat off to you lady's who post everyday!! I don't know how ya do it!!! Well, I am sad to report I didn't really find much.

I few pretty plates, that's about it. Very disappointing!!! I do have some pics to get up here. My camera just went dead on me so I will get them up on Monday! This is a pic of a house I discovered. It's hard to see, but, those are angel winged chairs!!! And some horses I found!!!!
I'll put up more pics on Monday! I hope you all have a wonderfully enchanting weekend!!!!