Sunday, August 30, 2009

GiveAway News.....

I have been away for sooooo long!! A few minor medical problems and a summer with my 2 children have kept me busy! And, then when it was time to finally do a blog post, guess what?!?!
I came to find out that my computer and my camera are no longer on speaking terms!!!!
I have no idea what started their problems with each other, I will never know. So, for the sad news, I can't post a giveaway because I can't take pictures of anything. Of nothing...
I even thought about just deleting my whole blog, but something just won't let me do that right now.
But, I am thinking of maybe a secret surprise giveaway where nobody will know what they've won until it reaches their magical abode!!!!!!
Just maybe I'll do that!
Nice to be back, but very upset about not being able to post any new pics... So, I might just share with all of you anything new and exciting that I come upon online!!!!!!
Have a great day!!!!!~