Friday, October 31, 2008

*Friday Flea Market&Give Away*

*~*Happy Halloween*~* Welcome to my "Witchy Friday Flea Market"! After shopping, please leave a comment to enter my give~away!! I will pick a name on Wed. of next week!!
A few things to remember: Shipping is included in the price. I will also take a check or money order, just email me to let me know! My items are for sale until sold. You can shop here ANYDAY!!! (Not just Fridays!).. Also, I am working on setting up a "Thrifty Thursday" sale. Anyone can join in on that! {{MORE info on that later on}} Happy shopping!!!! Don't forget to leave a comment to enter the give~away!

"Witch in the Kitchen" by Titania Hardie. Hardcover. Velvet. 143 pages.
$15.00 shipping included.

The table of contents for Witch in the Kitchen(below). Very visual spell book! The very first picture above {the broom} was taken from this book..

"White Magic" by Titania Hardie. Hardcover. Velvet cover. 160 pages.
Cover looks slightly used. (9"x9")
$15.00 shipping included.

Table of contents from "White Magic"(below).

Mini tarot kit. Small tarot cards, crystal ball, and oiuji board!

$4.00 Shipping included.

Dried Sage with drawstring bag. *Carry this for protection and wisdom!*
I have 3 of these available!
$5.00 shipping included.

Dried Rosemary with purple drawstring bag. Carry this for love and good
health. I have 3 available!
$5.00 shipping included.

Dried Bay leaves "wish spell". You get 6 Bay leaves and a drawstring bag.
Instructions for a super easy "wish" spell will be included! Very fun!
$5.00 shipping included. I have 4 available!

Gray Salt with Herbs. Carry this for *protection*. 1 available!

$5.00 shipping included.

Sage "smudge" stick. Burn this to clear negative energy in your home.
1 available. (4" long).
$4.50 shipping included.

Send a wish bottle with drawstring bag. 1 available.

$5.50 shipping included.

Pretty blue shoes! Size 6. (used)

$17.00 shipping included.

Side view of the shoe.

"Skull" nail polish. Only opened to view color. Dark "blood" red!
(.50 ounces).
$4.00 shipping included.

5 Vintage "inspired" post cards. (New). You get all 5 for one low price!
$5.50 shipping included.

(thank you)

Okay, now that shopping is out of the way, lets leave a comment to enter the free give~away!! It is the hand-made Moonstone necklace you see here! I know, my camera is pretty pitiful!! Everything looks better in person!!! But, it could be yours FREE!!! Just leave a comment! I will pick a name Wed. of next week! I am also thinking the more comments you leave the more chances for you to win!!!!~

*~*Have a Spook-tacular Halloween*~* And thank you all for visiting!

You've just made me smile!!!!!!!!~ :)

{{{Thank You}}}

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Witchy Cottage"

Hello and welcome! I thought I'd share the "witchy cottage" happenings! And share a few little magical tidbits! I just LOVE Halloween, don't you?! And please remember to come by my little cottage for my "witchy sale" and a magical give~away this Friday!

Please leave your broom and hat on the porch! {{When a broom falls, someone is sure to visit}}
Hopefully something strange doesn't grow in your boots while your here! {{You may hope for Basil to grow~as it will bring wealth and good luck}}

Please light a candle! {{Burn a white candle for protection, a black candle to banish negativity, burn a green candle for good health, and red or pink for love}}
The table is set! All the tools you'll need for a "Magikal Halloween" {{To cleanse your home of unwanted energy~place a little salt in the corners of each room}}

Fragrant herbs fill the cottage with yummy scents! {{Rosemary is good for: Protection, love and health.. Sage is used for cleansing, and use thyme to focus energy}}

Herbs also make fabulous "Potions"! {{Brew dried cloves & cinnamon in water to bring happiness and calm to your home::::: Mix together in a pretty spray bottle: sea salt, and spring (OR) rain water, spray this to cleanse your home!}}

Jewels are very magical indeed! {{Wear GOLD to spark creativity, wear silver to balance your emotions. Wear coral to attract love! Emerald is good for healing. And opal for protection.}}

I do hope you all have a fantastic day! Please visit the "witchy cottage" on Halloween for magical treats and a give~away!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Flea Market & Winner!!!

Hello! It's Flea Market time! You can go here: to view items that are still available! All of my items are available any day! I just post new items on Fridays!

{{REMEMBER: Shipping is INCLUDED in the price. I also will take a check or money order. Please email me with any questions!!}}

I will be having a "Witchy Sale" and give~away next Friday, so do come back for a visit and enter my give~away!!!!!!!

Old tea cup and saucer. Small and fragile. Very thin.
$8.00 shipping included. (Insurance is extra, if you want it)

"Vintage" inspired labels. {19} total labels!! You get all of them!~
$5.50 Shipping included. UNAVAILABLE!!!!!!

Doll tea set. Heavy, so shipping is alittle high!

$10.00 Shipping included. (Insurance extra if you'd want it)

Darling ceramic lady! One half of a bookend!!! The back is flat. Great
shelf sitter!!!
$7.50 Shipping included. (Insurance extra if you'd want it)

And~ what you've all been waiting for!!!! First of all, I really want to thank each of you for visiting my little world and leaving such lovely comments!!!! I love hearing from you all, it makes blogging worth it!!!!! I just wish I could give you all something but, I can't afford it!!! {That's to the point, right?!?!!} I just want you all to know that I'm thrilled you visit me!! AND, I will be having a "Witchy Sale" and GIVE~AWAY next Friday!! So, please come back to enter!!!!!!!

So, now that I've stopped my jabbering, the winner is:
~ An altered fairy tale!~

Please be sure to stop back for my next give~away! Due to Halloween, it's going to be a witchy week!!!! Hopefully I can give to more than just one person!!!!!~

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Halloween Party & Give~away!~

Pssst.... Would you like to go to the party?!?! then please follow the country road to the witch's cottage!~ you can feel the magic in the air! Please don't forget to look your best! And take a peek inside the witch's cottage window! Careful not to get caught! Knock, knock, knock..... Oh hello, so glad you decided to come to my party!!! Do come in!~ Please help yourself to some pumpkin squares and yummy eye~balls!! Don't worry Matilda doesn't bite!!! {Unless you mess with her hat!!} Looks like the girls are alittle busy! Shall we enter the parlour??!? Please, have a seat... Would you like your fortune told? Please concentrate on a question you'd like to ask the tarot! Keep it to yourself.... Hmmmm, let me see here..... Looks really good! I think your about to get lucky!!! Yes, I think it's your lucky day!!~ Because....... If you leave a comment, you will enter my give~away and you might win a miniature set that you see below!!!!!!~ I think your luck will get better!!!!Please stay and mingle with other guests as they arrive!!! Don't forget there are plenty of sweet treats and pumpkin spiced tea!!!!
And, I'm ever so happy you decided to come to the "witch's cottage" and visit me!!!

I'll be picking a winner Thursday night!!!! So, you can enter until then!!!!!!! I'll post the winner on Friday!!!!!