Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Blog of the Week~

Hello~The blog I chose this week is Tracy Porters! I just found out she had a blog! I was very happy to learn this! So, I clicked on her blog with much anticipation, to find out~ it's not very personal.. Which I guess I was hoping for a glimpse into her "real" life, but it's mostly about her goods, which is fine too! If you don't know about her~ she designs most of her own things. She has 4 little boys~a hubby and a menagerie of animals, from goats and horses to chickens and rabbits... And of course the most beautiful bird of all (my opinion) a peacock!! I am in love with these birds! Her style is fun and full of fantasy and whimsy! Very enchanting! So, hop on by! And thanks for visiting ME!!!!!~


Sandra Evertson said...

Hello Doll!
I love Tracy Porter, thanks for the tip!
Sandra Evertson

Lola Enchanted said...

Hello Doll .... how cute!!!!! Your blog is next!!!!!!!!!~

TiffanyJane said...

Love her stuff, my mom has a really cute trinket box of hers with rabbit on it that I love!!
Will have to visit her page shorlty....
Hope your doing good!
xo Tiff :)