Monday, May 4, 2009


Hello..... (All pictures are from In My Sepia Studio blog!) There is a winner! KeKe from
I now dub my little place in the world..... ~Gypsy Hollow~

I want so much to thank all of you who entered a name, I had a very hard time trying to pick one!

ALL of the pictures above are from KeKe's wonderfully magical blog!!! If you haven't visited her, please do, you will not be disappointed!!!! She has such wonderments!~
**~Congrats KeKe!!!~***
(I'll be shooting an email your way for your address!)
***Thanks again everyone!***


KeKe said...

I am shocked! I wasn't expecting to win. But, I LOOoove your blog and your style, and I had hoped I could find the words to describe it to do it justice~

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!Thank you!! Thank you!!!



Lola Enchanted said...

Your welcome Your welcome KeKe!!!

Thank YOU!!!

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Congrats to KeKe...being a winner with always special..enjoy it!

Jenny Fowler said...

Yay! Great name for your cottage! Enjoy!

sassydesigns said...

Yeah KeKe! Great name! Congrats!

Jeanne Rhea said...

I love the name Gypsy Hollow! Gypsy anything makes me feel like wandering, getting in my little motorhome and driving away, being free and dancing the night away.

And there you go with more links to good blogs!

Tammy said...

Love the new name!

Bejeweled said...

Hi! Oh, darn .. I missed your contest :( "Gypsy Hollow" is a wonderful name! Just perfect for your cottage!

Hope all is well in your part of the world!