Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Witchy Cottage"

Hello and welcome! I thought I'd share the "witchy cottage" happenings! And share a few little magical tidbits! I just LOVE Halloween, don't you?! And please remember to come by my little cottage for my "witchy sale" and a magical give~away this Friday!

Please leave your broom and hat on the porch! {{When a broom falls, someone is sure to visit}}
Hopefully something strange doesn't grow in your boots while your here! {{You may hope for Basil to grow~as it will bring wealth and good luck}}

Please light a candle! {{Burn a white candle for protection, a black candle to banish negativity, burn a green candle for good health, and red or pink for love}}
The table is set! All the tools you'll need for a "Magikal Halloween" {{To cleanse your home of unwanted energy~place a little salt in the corners of each room}}

Fragrant herbs fill the cottage with yummy scents! {{Rosemary is good for: Protection, love and health.. Sage is used for cleansing, and use thyme to focus energy}}

Herbs also make fabulous "Potions"! {{Brew dried cloves & cinnamon in water to bring happiness and calm to your home::::: Mix together in a pretty spray bottle: sea salt, and spring (OR) rain water, spray this to cleanse your home!}}

Jewels are very magical indeed! {{Wear GOLD to spark creativity, wear silver to balance your emotions. Wear coral to attract love! Emerald is good for healing. And opal for protection.}}

I do hope you all have a fantastic day! Please visit the "witchy cottage" on Halloween for magical treats and a give~away!!!!


Designs by CK said...

FUN post Carrie! :-)

Happy Halloween!

Chris :-)

Anonymous said...

Very educational and entertaining I shall have to take off my boots, and leave my fangs and bats at the door.

miss you... =)

Lola Enchanted said...

How sweet! thank you both!

Joanna said...

I can see that you really get into Halloween! Fun post. xoxo, Joanna

Martha, Vintage Trifles said...

Love the hats and brooms on the porch and the Halloween tidbits. Thanks for stopping by and I'll be checking back soon! M.

Frippery said...

I too loved the hats and brooms, as well as all the other pretties for Halloween. Pam

Robyn said...

Love your Haunted Mansion music - and all your pics are wonderful!!!
Wanted to let you know - You've been BOO'ed, please stop by my blog to grab your banner and pass it along! Have a Happy Halloween!

Alisa said...

Fun! Thanks for sharing!

AwtemNymf said...

I LOVE the halloween hats n brooms!
What a fun post! And throw salt over your shoulder too *winks*
How about some midnight Margaritas?!
*sprinkle sprinkle*

Designs by CK said...

Hope you are having a great week lady! :-)


PLO said...

What a great post, I wish I would have seen it earlier!