Wednesday, May 28, 2008

**What Kind of Person Does This**?


I have to share something, or should I say someone with all of you!

Her name is Kimberly~ She has a fantastic blog that I'm sure all of you know! Edgar and Edgar! {{A link will be down below!}}

Anyhooo, I have a little short story~ One day I was going through my email and I spotted someone new I clicked on it and it was a nice little note to say hi! I noticed the blog name and knew that blog but I could never leave a comment for some strange reason and the owner of that very blog was emailing me about mine! I was very excited! I emailed her back and told her that I've always admired her blog and that I was having troubles leaving a comment! So, she assured me everything was fine and to try again~ I did! It worked!!! So, a few days later I get another email from her asking for my address~ I was shocked at what I received a few short days later!!!!!!! Now, my question to you is what kind of person does this? Just out of the goodness of her giving heart!!!! This person must be very kind, open~hearted, loving, caring, giving,nice,generous,and the list could go on and on! I can't imagine a person this kind! Of course you all know that I have issues with "mean people" but when Kimberly mailed this to me, I started to think alittle differently! Maybe there are wonderful people out there~ Now I know there has to be!!!! I know one!!!!!

The items she mailed me where delicious!! I mean the bird with the crown is my muse now! She sits proudly front and center right in my living room! I just had to show you all of this and tell you about the "Wonderful Kimberly" of Edgar and Edgar!!!! If you haven't visited her yet, please do so!! She's one of the most amazing people I've had the pleasure of meeting!!!!

Make sure to leave her a comment too! I'm sure she'd love it! She's the lovliest!!!!!!


Scrappy Jessi said...

she does!!
she is such a doll. she sent me a little goody box too. i have one im sending her too. i just love blogland!!

Edgar and Edgar said...

You so deserve it!!!!! Enjoy!!!


artbrat said...

What a wonderful blog I've found after following the link in my comment section. Thanks so much for a very delightful visit. I spent some time reading back and I'm happy that your world is getting back on track and that your muse is back to work. I'm off to the link to Kimberly, but I'll be back soon.

Lola Enchanted said...


kim said...

What a great blog! Thank you for sharing.

I have such a hard time believing anyone could be mean to you!! That makes me sad. said...

Bloggers are some of the kindest most generous souls around! Speaking of which, what a sweet thing you had to say on my comments, thank you!

Sherry/Cherie said...

What kind of person? A loving, thoughtful, caring, giving soul who just loves to be a blessing in other people's lives I'd say!

Anonymous said...

Hi, What a gorgeous thing to do for another person!! Truely a doll!!!
Thanks for poping by my blog I'll be stopping by yours again soon!!

Shonna said...

That was so cool of her! You must have been so surprised! Thanks for visiting my blog; I'm glad you did because now I am able to enjoy yours.-Shonna

Alison Gibbs said...

What a sweet thing for her to do.
Blogland is a wonderful place full of lovely people