Sunday, May 4, 2008


Lost is how I have been feeling. Not depressed or sad. Just lost. I feel as though my creativity and imagination have been sucked right out of me! I want so many things in my life. Not really material things. Just happiness, art, love, moonlight etc.... It's so hard to get those things in the world today! Everyone is so busy, frustrated and alittle un~kind at times. I feel like I'm living in a very cold sterile place. I need warmth and love~ I have been reading alittle lately and I saw something that caught my eye.. Moon Water... It's supposed to be great for you! So, I may try it.
Recipe for Moon Water:
fill a glass container with spring water and cover tightly. Set this water filled container outside in the "moon light" for 24 hours. Put in the refrigerator to chill.. Pour it in a fantastic glass of your choice and drink up! We shall see! Now, if only I could find my glass pitcher!!!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!!


Cassandra said...

I'm sorry to hear you feel a bit lost and emptied of creativity. I've been there before. The world is so fast and sometimes it feels like it's pushing us past all the really important stuff. Remember to listen to your intuition and what your heart finds joy in. Best wishes for a lovely week!

Victorian Lady said...

Hey :) Thank you for visiting my blog today! :) My advice to you is keep creating...some of my favorite ideas came while I was making something else. :) I really enjoyed all the fairies on your blog and think it is kind of neat seeing as how my daughter and I were making a fairy house today!
Enjoy your moonlight water...moonlight is one of my favorite things!


MM said...

...Lets try !!!You never know..
Listen to your hart,~the most beautiful light shines within you~

Kims Art said...

I visit your blog often and did not want to leave today without telling you how much I enjoy your blog. I often have the feelings you mention, but always find it passes as fast as it arrives and I am wishing that for you! Sometimes I think creative souls just get over loaded and it is a way to rest and sometimes turn us a new directions.( the creativity part).