Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Hello! Just thought I'd share a few pics of one of my favorite online boutiques! The Cat's Meow. I've been really really busy lately. I haven't even had time to create. It's been very depressing here at the cottage lately... Any advice on how to get "happy"??!! Take care darling's!!!!~
Before I forget, here's this site: http://www.catsmeowinc.com


zUzU said...

MeOw indeed! =^..^=

I want to move into that first picture!
Just tell me where to forward my mail ::sigh::

btw ... XX love the comment you left :o)

Dark 'n gloomy at your cottage?
Hum. Wish you lived next door. We would have tea. And little triangles of toast with jam. We would pour through old magazines and laugh at the fact we completely forgot that the movie we were going to catch, started without us.

We would take out pots of paste and cut the magazines into pieces ... Then glue them back together in a colorful colage of pieces. Then we would dust them with glitter and have giggle-fits at how much we spilt on the floor. And we would dance through it while the puppers looked on with a perplexed look on her face. But she would join us, and dance in the sparkles too.

And then, when you had to leave ...

I would give to you a beautiful butterfly.
Someone once sent one to me ... and it still lifts my heart. One never forgets a butterfly.

Wish you were here.
=^..^= love, zU

Lola Enchanted said...

Oh Zu, you've brought tears to my eyes. Your fantastic!!!!! You've lifted my spirits. I wish you were here too!!!!!!!

Daisy's said...

ohhhhh, what a fabulous place for the eye to behold! I would be shopping there once a week. I enjoy your blog. Keep up the nice work.

avalon8theroses said...

I am heading over to the meow
Thanks for sharing