Friday, November 21, 2008

Flea Market Friday&Give~away!!!

~OPEN~ welcome! Please feel free to browse around, if you have any questions, please email me! A few things to remember: Shipping is INCLUDED in the price! I will take a check or money order also, just let me know! The give~away is at the bottom of this post!

Lovely crocheted hat.

$7.00 Shipping Included.

Black vintage hat with netting

$7.00 Shipping included.

Red bird ornaments. 3 total. {approx. 3" each}

$4.00 Shipping included.

Hot Pink Feathers. More than 25 of them!!! {approx. 8" long}

$3.00 Shipping included.

"Urban Camo rubber tag" Little Trooper. {approx. 3"x2"}
$2.00 Shipping included.

Bag of light candy pink feathers. {Net wt. .25 oz}

$3.50 Shipping included.

Flower "Grab Bag" I bought this grab bag as is. Alittle heavy, so shipping
is alittle more.. Contains random flower parts!
$6.00 shipping included.

Another view of the "Flower grab bag"

"Sticko Style" Accordion Album Tin. New. Keepsake for digital memories
&music! {approx. 5" round} $6.00 Shipping included.

Elizabeth Brownd embossed sticker sheet. 11 stickers in all.

$5.00 shipping included.

Vintage glasses. 2 Pair.

$6.00 Shipping included.

Another view!

"Lot of Pearls" You get a variety of pearls. {1 Xtra large, 3 large, 2 small,
3 bracelets, and 1 pair of earrings.}
$6.00 Shipping included.

Another view!~

And finally, the give~away!!! A very pretty sparkly butterfly that comes with a clip on the back!!!! Very pretty! Just leave a comment and I will pick names by Tuesday of next week! The more comments you leave, the more times you enter!!!!! Enjoy your day and I appreciate you stopping by!

^..^ Thank you!~


Enchanted Productions by Joyce Stahl said...

Mmmmmmmm..Such lovely goodies!

By the way, I got you added to my link list too...I just realized I didn't have you listed!

Have an Enchanted Weekend!

Lola Enchanted said...

Thank you Joyce!!!

faerie enchantment said...

You are amazing, look at all these amazing finds and the giveaways you do!
Yeah, I have my beautiful necklace I won too! I love what you do!
Magic and Joy!

Barn House said...

Great treasures! We are sure you will have a very successful sale!!!

J & J

Donna O'Brien said...

Great 'schtuff'!