Friday, September 5, 2008


What does home mean? What does it mean to you? Is it a place you come just to sleep and shower? A crash pad if you will... Is it a place that you can hang out at? Or is it a place of refuge? Can you be yourself there? Is it a place full of love and smiles, or work and frowns? Can you create there? Home is so many different things to so many different people. My home is a work in progress, it's not really the way I want it to be. I live with my hubby and 2 children! It's hard to live just "your" way at home when you have others to share it with! Do you live alone? Or is there a bustling family buzzing around you?!! Is your home quiet or loud? Cluttered or Minimal? So many questions about just one little word, HOME!! Home is what you make it! Home can refuel your soul, refresh you spirit! I've found a book that shows so many different homes and lives! It's very interesting!!!

Maybe think about your home, what could you change if you could!!!!!!!!?? Or would it stay just the way it is?

Do you have babies to snuggle with?

Wonderful little children running around you, wanting to create and play with you?

Do you have cozy, pretty rooms?
Treasures surrounding you?
Wholesome, delicous foods?!


Do you spend time outdoors?

Do you ever stop to smell the roses?!!!

Home means so much doesn't it! Hope you enjoy the pictures from this book (below) as much as I did!
Enjoy your day!!!!!~

The Family at home by Anita Kaushal......


*~*TWo PiXie DoLLs*~* said...

Home truly is where the heart is. My home is one of relaxation, creation, imagination, and fun.


jenny fowler said...

those are great pictures! they are so sweet. i wished i cherished my house enough to make it a home. i try but it is hard. we live in a dumpy place but i'm trying to be thankful for all i have because we have been given a lot! that looks like a great book. thanks for sharing it.

RowanDevoe said...

Your blog is magical-I found it through oldflower4me. The first thing I have to do is make my home a museum of all the things I love-then I mess up all up making more art! I am surrounded my little cats, my favourite colours and things and plenty of sparkle. I have so many toys that my 2 little newphews love to come visit. My home is a sanctuary for me-even if I have to make it a mess to get work done!
take care,
merle of rowandevoe

p.s. I want that book!

quitecontrary1977 said...

i love all the photos. My home is very sparely decoarted, but is cluttered with toys and such, right now. I just had to strip everything down to the basics since I had a child. Just in the name of cleanliness and order. I'll decorate again when my baby is a lttle less destructive. said...

Ooo lovely book!! Well, let's see. Yes yes and yes. I surround myself with treasures, and I try to make my home my sacred little space.

I still have my little home in town, I had before I met Mr. Lovee, and it is filled with all my treasures... And, then I have a home in the country I share with the Mister, where I have a studio attached to my private boudoir, and a wee gallery outside. But i think you already knew all of this... The country house, is humble but lovely in my opinion, because I fill it with all the things that make me happy, literally and figuratively... And, the property with the trees and such, is really why a person lives here... I have thought many times, about moving outside... Can you imagine? Maybe a tree house??

I totally understand what you mean about living with people, and how that changes what you surround yourself with... At the country house, I have my very own room, so that I can do in it and fill it with any ole thing I want... Within reason of course ;)

Okay, enough rambling on my part!! xo, V

Marie Antionette said...

What a wonderful post.i've so enjoyed reading what makes a home a home.You must really love yours.Marie Antionette

Bejeweled said...

What an interesting book! What's that old saying? .... Home is where the heart is :)

oldflowers4me said...

wow-i have this divine book-but it has a diffrent cover...