Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Hello~ First off let me say thank you for stopping by for a visit! I always love when you stop by! Please come on in and help yourself to some Jasmine tea and a fairy cake or 2!!! I wanted to give you these labels, but, I guess I got lazy and they didn't come out as well as I'd hoped. So, I'll try again later! Feel free to resize and print these, or you can wait for a better copy!!! The other pictures are from another local antique store.. I'll be taking a very small vacation in Ohio's Amish country so I hope to produce better places than this!!!! Well, I hope your enjoying your tea and cake! Stop by again....
Take care!!!!~


zUzU said...

Oooo yummy... look at those rose barkcloth drapes ::sigh::

So how come you haven't put together a little somethin' and joined into the fun of OneWorld-OneHeart?

Are ya gonna? Huh? Huh? ::poke::poke::

You don't have to make it, it doesn't have to be all fancy or anything. We just want YOU to come out and play.

Okay, in fairness ... I know you are playing along 'cuz I got your comment ::BIG grin:: but I still think it would be spectacular if you signed onto the trainride of hearts. Whattaya think?

If you do ... just post something to giveaway and then write to Lisa with a link to the post! That's all it takes! Then hang on tight! There is a big'ol group of peeples out lookin' to take you up on that pot of tea. Better bake more faerie cakes!

loves ya =^..^= zU

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Love the photos and those rose printed curtains are stunning - must be a fun place to visit.

Bejeweled said...

Love all your gorgeous store shots! They always make me want to run out and shop! :)