Sunday, December 9, 2007

My booth

Hello, this is a few pictures of my booth at the arts and craft show! Alittle to many spring items I think!!!! I'll be selling in the Spring, both on Etsy and at shows! That's my little helper down there! My daughter... She was bored half to death (that's how she put it)!!!!! I'm trying to figure out what my give-away will be this time!!!!hmmmm... Take care lovelies. Thanks for stopping by!!!!!~


zUzU said...

Heavens Miss Carrie=^..^=

You and Lola were buzy little bunnies making all those treats, were you not? I just adore going to craft fairs ... Almost as much as estate sales! Maybe more because I get to keep the crafty goodies I buy & not resell them on a bear! If your daughter doesn't want to go next time ... Call me!

::Wishing:: I had been there to treasure hunt at your booth! So many fantastic choices! The NEST banner is just scrumptious!

Gotta run ... You've given me an idea!
=^..^= xo zU

Carrie said...

Everything looks so cute!!! Look at all the little touches of pink and red... I love it!!! :)