Monday, November 12, 2007

Blog of the Week

A Fanciful Twist~
This blog is chock full of charm and whimsy! She has a lovely studio as well.. She posts often and she has beautiful high quality pictures up! I'm NEVER let down when I pay her a visit. She has a website so you can purchase her art! This was one blog that I went through all of the old posts!! And I must add that she's one of the nicest bloggers you'll ever meet!!!! So, take a minute to go check her out! I"m sure most of you already know her!!!
I'm really busy trying to get my first art show ready! I will be getting some pics of that up soon too. So, please come back for a visit. And don't forget about my give-away announcement coming soon!!! Take care lovelies and enjoy every second of your day!!!!~


Sandra Evertson said...

Yep, love her blog and can't wait to see pictures of your show!
Sandra Evertson

liliesandether said...

I agree, Vanessa's blog is always delightful to read and her art is just as wonderful!! Good luck with your show!! :)

Lola Enchanted said...

Thank you Thank you!!!! My camera is on the fritz.. So, I"m hoping to get it taken care of soon!!!! I'm sooo happy you 2 have dropped by! Thank you!!!!!!